Monday, 5 August 2013



What is vibe my friend.??
What is pain my friend..??
You say it all day & night,
Love & Love..??
Love is what, my dear..??
Is it all pains, ..??
Is it all tears,.??
Is it all grief, ..??
Then why, may I know,
people for which joy,
aspire such grief...???

All is fine in my view,
All is neat, all is new,
The dark garden & the sky blue,
aggrieved moonlight & soft flora,
They all are like me,
Always smiling & singing,
aspire to die while smiling & singing,
never aggrieving & never crying,
never trying to tame the pain,

Flowers fall laughingly,
Moonlight fades with a grin.
In the Sea Of Skies, laughingly
the stars lose its mannequin.
Who is happy as me..??
O dear, come to me..!!
A happy heart sings joyous song,
listening to which will cheer up your soul,

If everyday you cry,
One day you shall smile,
One day you may forget misery,
We all shall sing........

© Translation in English by Deepankar Choudhury

1 comment:

  1. Even translating one puts his own heart into the work.
    ...aspire to die while smiling...
    Love it...